F&B Industry Challenges

Discount & Deal Hunters

Customer Loyalty

Data On What Drives Customers

Difficult Recruitment

Lose Customers During Peak Hours


Too Much Paperwork

Goals of Solutions

Enhance Efficiency & Revenue
One-stop Truly Integrated Solution
Real Conversations With Customers
Grow Customer Loyalty

With no hidden costs, no upfront payment, and pure transaction fee.

We envision a long term partnership with you.
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Apps, Featured, | 28 May 2020

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46 Food Delivery and Takeaway Options To Get You Through This Circuit Breaker!

Apps, Featured, | 13 Apr 2020

After last Friday’s announcement by the government on the month long circuit-breaker ... here’s a consolidated list of deliveries and takeaways. Some of these establishments have never done takeaway or delivery offerings before but have rushed within a record time to set them up in order to provide for diners.


CNA Singapore Tonight: Sun 5 Apr 2020

Apps, Featured, | 05 Apr 2020

A short coverage on how YQueue has helped local Food and Beverage merchants, on CNA daily evening-news programme, featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news with a local perspective.