QR Dining | Self-Order App

QR Dining is a self-order app that offers an exciting opportunity for you to streamline the dine-in experience for your customers. Customers can place their orders when they are ready and staff become more productive by having more time to handle other orders or assist with other tasks. A new modern way of taking your customer's orders.

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  • Dine in, take away & delivery services
  • Table no. support
  • Item customization
  • Discounts & promos
  • Set availability schedules
  • Dietary / allergen tags
  • Customer notes
  • PAX / PPL (persons per order)
  • Multiple gateways supported
Coming soon
  • Bundle & meal creation
  • Guest / YQ user login
  • Upselling


Customers can order from your own device, directly from your table

With a self-order app, customers can use their own phone to order and pay without needing to wait for staff.

Customers can reorder and order add-ons easily and efficiently

Customers don't have to leave their table or wave down a member of staff to order another coffee. They can do it at the table with a self-order app!

Menu management and menu updates available in live time

Menu updates happen in real time using our cloud-based software.

Reduce pressure on your front of house staff

Staff can focus on getting meals and drinks out on time instead of spending time taking orders.

Improve order speed and accuracy

Customers can place their order when they are ready and add to their order throughout their dining experience with reduced chance of human error.

Better customer experience

Customers can spend their time going over the menu in depth, see menu photos and order their meals and add-ons quickly and efficiently using our self-order app.

Increased ticket values

Customers can see your entire menu and all additional add-ons which increases ticket values

Faster table turnover

Customers don't experience as much down time. They can get in and out much faster.

Reduce operational cost and improve productivity

Get more customers in and out faster using the same amount of staff.