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12th Jul 2023

How To Implement A Contactless Ordering System In Your Restaurant

The COVID-19 era has brought about a significant shift in the way we interact with the world around us, and the restaurant industry is no exception. In the face of social distancing measures and heightened hygiene protocols, contactless ordering has emerged as a lifeline for both restaurant staff and customers. By minimising physical contact and reducing the risk of infection, this innovative solution has undoubtedly played a crucial role in keeping us safer during these challenging times.

The need for contactless ordering has never been more evident. In a world where hygiene and safety have taken centre stage, customers are actively seeking out restaurants that prioritise their well-being. They want to dine out or order takeout without compromising their health. With a contactless ordering system, you not only meet these demands but also demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for your valued patrons. But how do you introduce one in your operations?

In this article, we will explore how you can implement a contactless ordering system to help your restaurant thrive in the ever-evolving food and beverage market.

What Is Contactless Ordering?

Contactless ordering is not merely a temporary fix to address the immediate concerns of the pandemic. Its benefits extend far beyond the scope of COVID-19. In fact, implementing a contactless ordering system can have lasting advantages that go beyond safety measures. Embracing a contactless ordering system also helps you adapt to the changing needs of your customers, remain competitive in a tough market and position your restaurant for long-term success.

Contactless ordering refers to a technology-driven system that allows customers to browse menus, customise their orders and make payments without the need for physical contact. It utilises methods, such as QR codes, mobile apps and self-ordering kiosks to provide a seamless and safe dining experience.

How to Introduce a Contactless Ordering System in Your Restaurant

Understand the Benefits of Contactless Ordering

Before diving into the implementation process, it’s crucial to grasp the numerous benefits that a contactless ordering system can bring to your restaurant:

Customer convenience: The ability to order and pay from their own devices offers customers a convenient and seamless dining experience.

Choose the Right Contactless Ordering System

When selecting a contactless ordering system for your restaurant, consider factors, such as ease of use, integration capabilities and affordability. Look for a system that offers a user-friendly interface to ensure that both your staff and customers can navigate it effortlessly. Furthermore, seek out a solution that provides a balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Customise Your Menu and Set Up Online Ordering

Once you have chosen the right contactless ordering system, it’s time to customise your menu and set up online ordering. Start by digitising your menu items, including descriptions, prices and any available customisation options. Ensure that the menu is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with clear categories and intuitive filters. Next, integrate the online ordering functionality into your website or mobile app, making it accessible to your customers. Consider optimising your menu for mobile devices, as more and more people are using their smartphones to browse and order food.

Promote Your Contactless Ordering System

Implementing a contactless ordering system is only the first step; you also need to promote it effectively to ensure its success. Utilise various marketing channels to spread the word about your new system. You can also leverage social media platforms to showcase the convenience and safety of contactless ordering, which can encourage your followers to give it a try.

In addition, consider offering exclusive discounts or incentives for customers who place their orders through the contactless system. You can also display prominent signage within your restaurant premises to highlight the availability of contactless ordering as a safe and convenient option.

Train Your Staff and Ensure Smooth Operations

To ensure the smooth implementation of your contactless ordering system, it’s essential to train your staff thoroughly. Educate them on the features and functionalities of the system, emphasising the importance of providing excellent customer service even in this new digital landscape.

In addition, teach them how to troubleshoot common issues that customers may encounter while using the system and encourage them to offer assistance when needed. By equipping your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills, you can maintain a high level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Collect and Analyse Customer Feedback

Once your contactless ordering system is up and running, make sure to collect and analyse customer feedback. Encourage your customers to share their experiences with the new system through online reviews, surveys or feedback forms. Pay close attention to their suggestions and concerns, and be responsive to their needs. This feedback can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement and help you refine and enhance your contactless ordering system.

YQueue: Your One-Stop Complete Solution for Taking Orders

Introducing a contactless ordering system in your restaurant is no longer just a choice; it has become a necessity in today’s ever-changing landscape. The COVID-19 era has heightened the importance of safety and convenience, and contactless ordering provides the perfect solution to address these concerns.

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By choosing YQueue, you not only prioritise the safety and convenience of your customers but also unlock a myriad of benefits for your restaurant. You can save on costs associated with traditional order-taking methods, build customer loyalty through a seamless and personalised ordering experience, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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