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Interactive Kiosk Brisbane

At YQueque, we understand the challenges small food and beverage businesses face in Brisbane's tough market. That's why we created our interactive kiosk Brisbane — a smart, standalone kiosk that streamlines your ordering process and enhances your customer experience.

Our kiosk displays your menu and allows customers to place their orders quickly and independently, freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks. With our intuitive design, wait times are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased. Our reliable, affordable and user-friendly interactive kiosk Brisbane is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to grow and succeed.

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Features of Our Interactive Kiosk Brisbane

YQueue's interactive kiosk Brisbane can take your business to the next level with the following features:
  • Dine-in or take-away

    Customers can conveniently place orders for dine-in or take-away.

  • Table numbers & buzzers

    Our interactive kiosk Brisbane supports buzzer, tent and table number assignments for efficient order management.

  • Customised menu items

    Customers can customise their orders with item modifications, portion sizes and ingredient substitutions.

  • Multi-language options

    Our multi-language support enables you to cater to a diverse customer base.

  • Discounts & specials

    Create custom discounts and promotions for specific items or order amounts to drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

  • High-quality images

    Attract customers with stunning visuals of your menu bundles, items and modifiers.

  • Branding options

    Customise the kiosk to align with your brand identity by adding your logo and choosing custom colours.

  • Schedule availability

    Set availability schedules for specific menu items to manage inventory and reduce waste.

  • Allergen & diet tags

    Our interactive kiosk in Brisbane allows tagging of menu items with dietary and allergen information for customers to make informed choices.

  • Customer requests

    Customers can add notes to their orders, such as special requests or preparation instructions.

  • PAX / PPL (persons per order)

    Manage larger groups with the PAX/PPL (persons per order) feature, ensuring that your kitchen can handle the order volume.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Accept payments through multiple gateways, including credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments, with our interactive kiosk.

Benefits of Using Our Interactive Kiosk Brisbane

Improve Customer Satisfaction With Captivating Visual Displays

Make your offerings inviting for customers with delectable images displayed on our easy-to-use interface's large screen.

Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs With Improved Productivity

With our system, you can increase customer throughput without adding extra staff, saving time and money.

Secure Payment Transactions With Contactless Options

Customers enjoy the convenience of making payments using the EFTPOS terminal integrated with the interactive kiosk.

Minimise Customer Wait Times

Customers can place their orders effortlessly with our intuitive display.

Real-time Updates Via Wireless Connection

Our self-service kiosk can instantly receive menu updates via cloud technology through Wifi or LAN connection.

Boost Your Sales

By offering additional options, customers are more likely to make extra purchases, which can lead to higher ticket values.

Increased Precision In Order Taking

Say goodbye to order mix-ups caused by language barriers and miscommunication with our user-friendly interactive kiosk Brisbane.

Boost Your Ordering Capacity

With our interactive kiosk, you can cater to more customers without compromising business efficiency.