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Welcome to QR Dining, your ultimate solution for revolutionising the way your restaurant takes orders. We understand the importance of efficiency, convenience and excellent customer service in the food and beverage industry. With our cutting-edge QR code ordering system, you can achieve all that and more. This ordering system is designed to enhance the dining experience for your customers and boost your staff's productivity.

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Features of Our QR Code Ordering System

  • Dine in, take away & delivery services
  • Discounts & promos to attract customers
  • PAX/PPL (persons per order) for large group orders
  • Set availability schedules to ensure efficient operations
  • Multiple gateways supported for a variety of payment options
  • Customer notes to communicate special requests or preferences
  • Item customisation that lets your customers personalise their orders
  • Dietary/allergen tags that cater to the diverse dietary needs of your customers
  • Table no. support for accurate delivery and effective flow management of orders

Benefits of Using Our QR Code Ordering System

Convenient Tableside Ordering

Customers can order food using QR code directly from their table, which eliminates the need for paper menus and waitstaff assistance. Enjoy a modern and hassle-free dining experience.

Real-Time Menu Management

Keep your menu up-to-date and make instant changes as needed. Our QR code ordering system ensures that your customers always have access to the latest offerings, enhancing their satisfaction and reducing any confusion.

Enhanced Order Speed and Accuracy

Streamline the ordering process and minimise errors with our efficient QR code menu ordering system. With faster order processing times and improved accuracy, you can ensure that your customers receive their desired items promptly and correctly.

Increased Ticket Values

Maximise your revenue potential with increased ticket values. Our QR code ordering system in Australia prompts suggestive upsells and add-ons, which can entice customers to explore additional menu items and result in higher sales per order.

Cost Reduction and Improved Productivity

Optimise your operations and save on operational costs. With streamlined processes and automated order management, you can enhance productivity, reduce labour expenses and boost overall efficiency.

Easy Reordering and Add-Ons

Allow customers to reorder their favourite items or add additional dishes to their existing order. Our QR code ordering system simplifies the process, making it quick and convenient for customers to customise their dining experience.

Reduce Front-of-House Pressure

Relieve pressure on your front-of-house staff by implementing our QR code table ordering

Superior Customer Experience

Elevate your customers' experience with our advanced ordering system. From convenience and accuracy to personalised service and promptness, our system enhances every aspect of their dining journey.

Faster Table Turnover

Improve table turnover rates by reducing wait times and expediting the ordering process. Our system helps you serve more customers efficiently, maximising your seating capacity and revenue potential.