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Self-Ordering Kiosk Brisbane

Revolutionise your small food and beverage business in Brisbane with YQueque's self-ordering kiosk Brisbane. Our standalone kiosk is powered by our user-friendly app, providing a convenient and efficient way for customers to place orders independently. With our kiosk, your staff can focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our intuitive design reduces wait times and drives sales, which makes it the perfect solution for busy times.

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Features of Our Self-Ordering Kiosk Brisbane

  • Dine-in or takeaway options

    Ordering for dine-in or take-away has never been easier with our user-friendly self-ordering kiosk.

  • Table number assignments and buzzer notifications

    Let your customers know when their order is ready with our handy buzzer or tent notification system. Plus, our self-ordering kiosk Brisbane allows for easy table number assignments.

  • Customisable menu items and ingredients

    Our kiosk lets customers personalise their orders, so they get exactly what they want.

  • Multilingual support for diverse customers

    With our self-service kiosk's multilingual feature, you can serve customers from different countries and cultures seamlessly.

  • Discounts and promotions to drive sales

    Create tailored discounts and promotions that are sure to entice your customers and keep them coming back for more.

  • High-quality images of menu items and bundles

    Give your customers an immersive experience with a visually appealing display.

  • Branding customisation to match your business

    Make sure your kiosk looks and feels like part of your brand by adding your logo and choosing custom colors.

  • Availability scheduling for specific menu items

    Our kiosk lets you set availability schedules for different menu items.

  • Allergen and dietary information displayed for customer safety

    With our self-ordering kiosk Brisbane, you can easily provide customers with essential dietary and allergen information.

  • Customer notes for special requests or instructions

    With the ability to add notes to their orders, customers can provide specific instructions or requests for a personalised dining experience.

  • Group ordering and PAX/PPL options for larger orders

    You can limit the number of people per order, ensuring that your kitchen can efficiently handle orders from larger groups.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Our self-ordering kiosk in Brisbane supports various payment methods, so customers can choose the option that works best for them.

Benefits of Using Our Self-Service Kiosk Brisbane

Make A Lasting Impression With Enticing Images

Our self-ordering kiosk has a simple and user-friendly interface that showcases mouth-watering photos of your meals on a big screen.

Decrease Costs And Increase Productivity

Keep the lines moving and improve wait times by serving more customers without increasing your staffing needs.

Contactless Payment Choices For Added Safety

Customers can easily pay for their orders using the EFTPOS terminal conveniently located at our self-ordering kiosk.

Faster Turnaround Times For Customers

No more waiting in line with our self-service kiosk that lets customers place orders in a snap.

Keep Your Menu Up-to-date in Real-time With Wireless Feature

Stay connected and keep your menu up-to-date in real-time with our self-service kiosk and cloud-based updates.

Maximise Order Value

With additional options, customers are more likely to select add-ons, which increases ticket values.

Improve Order Accuracy

Our self-ordering kiosk Brisbane ensures that your order is accurate every time, eliminating errors caused by language barriers or miscommunication.

Enhance Your Ordering Capabilities

No need to worry about long wait times or overwhelming crowds — our self-ordering kiosk in Brisbane helps you serve more customers quickly and efficiently.