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Self-Ordering Menu App Brisbane

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Perfect for takeaways, self-serve and dine-in orders, our app is a game-changer for restaurant owners. YQueue’s self-ordering menu app Brisbane can help streamline your ordering process. Customers can order and pay seamlessly from their mobile devices, freeing up your staff to focus on food preparation and customer service. Say goodbye to missed orders and hello to happy customers!

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Features of Our Self-Ordering Menu App Brisbane

  • Item customisation for orders
  • Setting of availability schedules
  • Discounts and promotional offers
  • Multiple payment gateways supported
  • Table number support for dine-in orders
  • Dine-in, takeaway and delivery services
  • Control group size with PAX/PPL settings
  • Allow customer notes to personalise orders
  • Dietary and allergen tags for customer safety

Benefits of Using Our Self-Service Kiosk Brisbane

Offer Promo Codes And Special Offers

Create a buzz around your restaurant and drive traffic with exciting promo codes and deals.

Keep Your Menu Current With Live Updates

Our cloud-based software ensures real-time menu updates, so your customers always see the latest offerings.

Save Payment Information For Faster Checkout

With our app's ability to securely store payment details, your customers will enjoy seamless and hassle-free payments.

Order Anytime And Anywhere

Our self-ordering menu app Brisbane lets customers discover nearby eateries and even schedule an order in advance, so they can pick it up and go.

Faster Service And Increased Convenience For Regulars

Save time and effort with an efficient ordering process for customers and businesses.

Seamless Ordering Process

From ordering to payment, our self-ordering app streamlines the entire process for your convenience.

Plan Orders In Advance

Customers can make the most out of their time by scheduling their orders ahead.

Take the Pressure Off Front Of House Employees

With our self-ordering menu app Brisbane, your staff can focus on providing excellent service rather than taking orders.