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Self-Service Kiosk Brisbane

Looking for a way to boost your small food and beverage business in Brisbane? Our self-service kiosk Brisbane is a standalone smart kiosk that's powered by YQueue. It displays menus and allows customers to independently place their orders. This frees up your staff to tend to other tasks. Our kiosks efficiently turn over plenty of orders without having customers wait in a queue, making it the perfect solution for busy times.

With YQueue's self-service kiosk, your staff can be more productive and focused on providing exceptional customer service. Our easy-to-use interface and intuitive design reduce wait times, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately, drive sales. Plus, our kiosks are reliable, efficient and affordable, designed for small businesses looking to grow and thrive.

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Features of Our Self-Service Kiosk Brisbane

YQueue's self-service kiosk comes equipped with a variety of features to streamline the ordering process and support a seamless customer experience.
  • Dine-in & take-away

    Customers can place their orders and choose to either dine in at your establishment or take their food to go.

  • Buzzer, tent & table support

    You can set up buzzers or tents to notify customers when their order is ready, and our self-service kiosk Brisbane supports table number assignments for dine-in orders.

  • Item customisation

    Customers can add or remove ingredients, select portion sizes and make other modifications to their menu items.

  • Multi-language support

    This allows you to cater to a diverse customer base.

  • Discounts & promotions

    You can create custom discounts and promotions for specific items or order amounts, helping you drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

  • Bundles & imagery

    High-quality imagery of your menu items, bundles and modifiers can help entice customers and increase the visibility of your offerings.

  • Branding customisation

    You can add your logo, choose custom colours and more to ensure that the kiosk aligns with your brand identity.

  • Availability scheduling

    You can set availability schedules for specific menu items, which can help you manage inventory and reduce waste.

  • Allergen & dietary tags

    Our self-service kiosk Brisbane allows you to tag menu items with dietary and allergen information to make it easier for customers to come up with informed choices.

  • Customer notes

    Customers can add notes to their orders, such as special requests or instructions for preparation, which helps ensure that their order is prepared to their liking.

  • PAX / PPL (persons per order)

    Our self-service kiosk allows the setting of a maximum number of persons per order, so you can manage larger groups and ensure that your kitchen can handle the order volume.

  • Multiple payment options

    You can accept payments through multiple gateways, including credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments.

Benefits of Using Our Self-Ordering Kiosk Brisbane

Enhance The Customer Experience With Compelling Visual Displays

Our user-friendly interface showcases mouth-watering photos of your delicious meals on the large screen.

Save On Operational Costs And Boost Productivity

You can serve more customers in less time with the same number of staff.

Hassle-free Payment Transactions With Contactless Payment Option

Payments can be made through the EFTPOS terminal attached to the self-service kiosk Brisbane.

Skip The Queue And Reduce Wait Times

Our intuitive display allows customers to place their orders quickly and easily.

Stay Updated With Wireless Connection

Our self-service kiosk can be connected to your internet through Wifi or LAN to instantly update menus via the cloud.

Enhance Ordering Accuracy

You can minimise miscommunication or language barriers that can lead to human error.

Boost Sales With Add-ons

Customers are more likely to choose extra items, increasing their total purchase value.

Improve Your Order Capacity

Serve more customers faster and more efficiently.