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Touchscreen Kiosk Brisbane

Transform your small food and beverage business in Brisbane with YQueque's cutting-edge touchscreen kiosk Brisbane. This contactless kiosk powered by our user-friendly app is an ideal solution for businesses wanting to streamline their ordering process and provide exceptional customer service.

Our kiosk displays your menu and allows customers to place their orders independently, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction. With our reliable, efficient and affordable kiosk, you can maximise productivity, drive sales and grow your business. Our intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy to use for both customers and staff.

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Features of Our Touchscreen Kiosk Brisbane

  • Dine-in or take-away

    Our kiosk makes it easy and hassle-free for customers to place their orders, whether they want to dine-in or take their food to go.

  • Table numbers, tents & buzzers

    As it supports table number assignments and buzzer notifications, a touchscreen kiosk in Brisbane ensures a smooth experience for both customers and staff.

  • Customisable menu items

    Customers have the freedom to customise their orders to their liking.

  • Multi-language options

    Our multi-language support allows you to accommodate customers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Discounts & promotions

    Easily set up custom discounts and promotions to drive sales and reward your most loyal customers.

  • High-quality images

    Enhance the visibility of your menu offerings with high-quality imagery of your menu items, bundles and modifiers.

  • Branding options

    Personalise your kiosk to match your brand by adding your logo and selecting custom colours.

  • Availability schedule

    Our kiosk has a feature that allows you to set availability schedules for menu items, helping you cut down on waste and save money.

  • Allergen & dietary tags

    With our touchscreen kiosk in Brisbane, you can tag your menu items with dietary and allergen information, allowing customers to make informed choices effortlessly.

  • Customer notes

    Make your ordering process more personalised by allowing customers to add notes to their orders for special requests or preparation instructions.

  • PAX / PPL (persons per order)

    Set a maximum number of persons per order to make sure your kitchen can handle the volume.

  • Multiple payment gateways

    Our kiosk lets you accept various payment methods, so customers can choose how they want to pay.

Benefits of Using Our Touchscreen Kiosk Brisbane

Elevate Customer Satisfaction Using Appealing Images

Our contactless kiosk makes ordering a snap with its easy-to-navigate interface and stunning visuals of your dishes, all presented on a spacious screen.

Lower Operational Expenses And Enhance Productivity

Serve more customers in less time with the same staffing levels, boosting your business efficiency.

Safe and Easy Payments With Contactless Options

When it's time to pay, customers can conveniently settle their bills using the EFTPOS terminal attached to our contactless kiosk.

Cut Down Customer's Waiting Period

Say goodbye to long wait times with our easy-to-use display that lets customers order faster.

Instant Menu Updates With Real-Time Wireless Connection

Our contactless kiosk is equipped with Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity, which allows for instant menu updates from the cloud.

Boost Average Sale

Customers tend to choose additional options when presented with a variety of choices, resulting in increased ticket values.

Improved Accuracy In Ordering

Get your order right every time by using our intuitive contactless kiosk, reducing the risk of errors due to miscommunication.

Serve More Customers With Ease

Keep up with demand and serve more customers with ease, thanks to our high-capacity touchscreen kiosk Brisbane.