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Why Queue?

The one-stop complete solution for taking orders. YQueue is all about convenience, efficiency and reducing costs.

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Select your services

Dine in, take away & delivery.

Select your services
Allow Modifications

Customers can personalise their items.

Allow Modifications
Create your menu

Make it suit your customer base.

Create your menu

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Increase your speed of service & improve your customer experience by joining us at YQueue. We'll help you register your merchant profile and perform pre-launch menu checks.

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Life is short, why should your customers spend it in line?
YQueue is the ON THE GO app bringing convenience to the fingertips of busy people in their takeaway and dine-in-experience. Designed to help small food & beverage businesses thrive in a tough market, YQueue gives our partners big business capabilities with our suite of products backed by industry low rates as we are committed to being seen as the platform that HELPs small business’ grow.

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How Can
 We Help Your Business?

Marketing & promotions

With its CRM capabilities, the platform provides countless opportunities for promotion to both existing and new customers!


Independently provided by YQueue, all your sales reports are automatically generated and stores for your accounting!

Customer management

All orders are recorded with relevant data; it’s your own CRM!

Order management platform

The app manages all your orders!

Payment gateways

Secure payment through an always growing number of payment vendors!

Incredibly low rates, including Bank Fees.

Ideal for café’s, restaurants, takeaways & franchises.

Provides a web platform and exposure for small businesses.

Reduces order fill time, allows staff to be more productive.

Fast and efficient for customers.

Download The YQueue App!

Simply hold your smartphone’s camera over the QR code and you will jump the queue.
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QR Code for download

QR Dining

QR Dining is an exciting opportunity for you to streamline the dine-in experience for your customers. Customers can place their orders when they are ready and staff become more productive by having more time to handle other orders or assist with other tasks. A new modern way of taking your customer’s orders.

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