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21st May 2020

Meet a GeoWorks GeoTech, YQueue

Meet a GeoWorks GeoTech, YQueue

YQueue allows the app user to order their meals for pick up later without having to queue up. This also allows F&B outlets to prevent long lines and manage their resources more efficiently. Damian Sim, YQueue’s Chief Partnership Officer shares more.

1. Tell us about YQueue and its solutions.

YQueue is an all-in-one solution with an ecosystem of integrated offerings for F&B merchants. We are here to tackle challenges faced by F&B merchants experiencing growing issues of time-constraints, difficult recruitment and lack of customer loyalty. With YQueue’s mobile application, the use of location-tech allows YQueue to fulfil proximity listings of F&Bs for user convenience. We are constantly improving and evolving to support the F&B industry with sustainable growth via enhanced efficiency.

2. What is something about YQueue that the general public might not know about?

We wear many hats as a platform mobile application, QR ordering solution, Kiosk ordering solution and POS system. We also offer free hardware/software & maintenance, even for commonly costly items such as like self-ordering kiosks. This reduces the cost barrier and eases the adoption process!

3. What are some challenges you have faced in your work?

Consumer behaviour habits in Singapore are difficult to change and we recognise the time and effort required for the adoption of new technology in the F&B industry.

4. How has your experience with GeoWorks been?

It has been great working alongside all the GeoPartners. Connecting with people that share the same motivations keeps YQueue inspired, opening up a plethora of ideas that YQueue can potentially explore.

5. How does geospatial technology help you in your work?

Geospatial technology has created more opportunities for YQueue to increase convenience for our consumers. It is also surprisingly prevalent in our everyday lives, giving us newcontaining ideas that we can relate which we have learned to relate to and apply quickly.

6. Are there any challenges that come with working with geospatial technology?

Geospatial technology is a growing technology, and we are curious about its accuracy at its current state in some dense city-dense locations.

7. In your opinion, what skills are needed to work in the geospatial industry?

Having the empathy to understand consumer needs to ultimately improve consumer adoption. The creativity to manoeuvre legacy systems and mindsets is imperative too.

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Prepare to be knocked down, repeatedly and relentlessly. The cycle repeats but as long as you are resilient and don’t give up, the verdict is never failure!

Name: Damian Sim

Company: YQueue Singapore Pte Ltd

Designation: Chief Partnership Officer


source from https://www.smehorizon.com/opportunity-in-crisis-emerging-stronger-from-the-circuit-breaker/