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6th Oct 2020

New in town: Hvala, Keong Saik — Matcha demands all this pomp and pageantry

New in town: Hvala, Keong Saik

In just a short span of time, Hvala has achieved cult status as the ultimate matcha paradise. Not only are their matcha selections unparalleled, but their clean, minimalistic Japanese-inspired teahouse interior is just too #aesthetic for the millennial in us to resist.

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Already with two locations in 111 Somerset and CHIJMES, Hvala tops themselves with a new three-storey shophouse along the streets of Keong Saik. This new outlet sports a rather non-descript storefront that belies its beautiful interior.

You’ll find spacious seating on the second-floor with muted grey cushions and elegant wooden chairs. For a more zen afternoon, head over to the third floor for traditional tatami seating. No emails allowed here, sil vous plait.

Here, it’s not only matcha heaven but practically a utopia for those looking to lead a more vegan-friendly lifestyle. At this picturesque outlet, all of Hvala’s gelato flavours, cinnamon waffles and fudgy brownies are vegan friendly.

I spot a gelato flavour that’s made with the famous Oatly oat milk. It is also the default milk option Hvala is introducing to their drinks at no extra charge. Of course, if you still have a hankering for fresh milk, Hvala offers that option too.

Which is why I can’t wait to try Hvala’s new Kinako Paste With Gelato (S$8.80), which features a warm roasted soybean paste served with said Oatly gelato.

Just a note, their cakes are still made with eggs and dairy but Hvala’s chefs are working on it, so stay tuned.

One of the best parts of this new Hvala is the futuristic ordering system. All you have to do is place your orders with these kiosks and you’ll get the food delivered right to your table, seamless and fuss-free. Honey, this new Hvala outlet gets my vote.

A gorgeous shophouse with quality matcha and vegan-friendly gelato? I see a perfect Sunday afternoon in my horizons very soon.

Source: https://sethlui.com/hvala-singapore-oct-2020/