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25th Feb 2020

Supporting F&B businesses through the virus outbreak season with YQueue Solutions—to reduce human touch points for ordering, payment and manpower reliance

Supporting F&B businesses through the virus outbreak season with YQueue Solutions

Singapore, 25 February 2020 – According to the snap poll done by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) from 10-13 February 2020, close to 60% of the restaurants in Singapore stated that they are expecting revenue to be halved in the next three months due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)[1]. Many of these players have since turned to alternative sources of off-premise business such as takeaways, and one of such companies that many restaurants have been approaching would be YQueue—an all-in-one integrated solution provider for restaurants. The benefits from these solutions stand out in times like these, when restaurant owners face problems with manpower, sales, and ultimately their bottom-line.

In addition, YQueue is offering to waive their service fees to their merchants for two months[2] to help them tide through this period, on top of their free hardware, software and maintenance.

inimising Human Contact Between Customers and Service Staff

YQueue’s operation model promotes the F&B business to drive sales while keeping human-to-human interactions to the minimum. Businesses can tap on services such as: app-listing, web-based QR ordering, Kiosk ordering and more, where customers are able to complete the whole ordering and payment process without human interaction.

Through YQueue, customers can pre-order on the app and takeaway items without having to queue, minimising interactions with the service staff.

With the dine-in option, customer-staff interaction is reduced as diners order and pay independently on their mobile phones through a designated QR code displayed at each table, which does not require any downloads. Once orders are ready, the restaurant staff serves the food to the diner, or the diners can collect their food from the collection point.

Reducing Manpower Dependency

YQueue can also help business operators to reduce manpower dependency by providing a cashless environment that will remove the need of having cashiers and order-takers. With a platform that shows the daily transactions and being integrated with a cloud-based accounting software, businesses can reduce the amount of physical contact between staff and diners, whilst ensuring the smooth running of operations.

“In the current situation where diners are cutting-down on restaurant dine-ins, and prefer to have minimal human interactions; YQueue would like to help both the customers and merchants tide through this period”, said George Lim, Director of YQueue. “As a solution-provider with cost-management and customer experience in mind, YQueue would like to take this opportunity to promote digitalization in the F&B industry.”

[1] From 1st March 2020 to 30th April 2020

[2] Announced at the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) Press Conference on 13 Feb 2020

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