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28th May 2020



阻断措施即将结束,意味着第一阶段解封期即将开始,多数企业也可复工,全国三分之一的员工可以回到公司上班。你也准备好会公司上班了吗?此外,小贩中心、咖啡店、食阁和餐馆都可照常营业,但是仍禁堂食。开工后如果要外带午餐、晚餐,该如何解决才能减少感染风险?本地点餐科技公司 YQueue 告诉你!



不少提供外带服务的餐饮业者,都能让你事先通过官网、app,或是打电话预定餐点,让你免去排队的必要。另外,若通过官网、app 订餐,也能线上付款,让你无需接触收银员。







Title: Take away lunch after resuming work? 3 tips to teach you how to reduce the risk of infection

The circuit breaker measures are about to end, which means that the first phase of the unsealing period is about to start, and most companies can also resume work, about one-third of the country ’s employees will be returning to work. Are you ready for the company to work? In addition, hawker centres, coffee shops, food courts and restaurants are open as usual, but dine-in food is still prohibited. If I have to take out lunch and dinner after work, how can I solve it to reduce the risk of infection? The local restaurant technology company YQueue tells you!

Book and pay in advance

Many catering companies that provide take-away services can let you book meals through the official website, app, or call in advance, saving you the need to queue up. In addition, if you order food through the official website and app, you can also pay online, so you don’t need to contact the cashier.

Use ordering equipment

Some restaurants have set up ordering equipment, so even if you have to order in person at the restaurant, you can use these ordering equipment to reduce contact with the restaurant staff, the restaurant can also deploy more employees to the kitchen to help out, shorten, etc meal time.

Opt for proximity delivery

If you were to opt for delivery service, choose a restaurant that is closer to your location as much as possible, so that you can avoid letting the delivery staff run around the southeast and northwest of the island, greatly reducing the risk of infection. Of course, if you choose a restaurant closer to your location, the delivery service fee is also cheaper than far away.

Source: https://www.8world.com/lifestyle/life-tips/article/3-measures-to-reduce-risk-of-infection-when-ordering-food-takeaway-delivery-1146171