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1st Mar 2020

【科技一点通】病毒肆虐餐饮零售业冷清 业者使用点餐机器

【科技一点通】病毒肆虐餐饮零售业冷清 业者使用点餐机器

2019 冠状病毒疫情升温,餐饮零售业一片冷清。新加坡餐饮协会一项调查发现,近六成受访业者估计,未来三个月营业额恐怕会锐减超过一半。





为协助餐饮业者渡过难关,有公司未来两个月免费让业者使用点餐机器,减少员工同顾客的接触。顾客也可扫描二维 QR 码,应用程序点餐,然后进行无现金付款。

点餐科技公司合作与营销执行员陆怡君说:“目前我们有 100 多家餐饮业者在使用 YQueue。过去两个月因为这个冠状病毒的问题,大概估计有 20%到 25%的增加。很多人都意识到其实他们不喜欢在外面多逗留,所以我们就提供了一个可以在办公室还是在家里直接预订的这个功能。”

这家餐馆受疫情冲击生意跌了一到两成,上个月开始采用这门科技,但发现有顾客担心机器上的细菌,更倾向使用应用程序。不过机器还是为餐馆解决了人手短缺的问题。 餐馆老板严思源说:“我们的工人离开了,幸亏有这个就帮到一点点现在就是不用收钱,他就可以专注在他原本的工作。平常的客人如果因为比较怕跟人家接触,这些科技都会帮到你一点点。如果没有这些科技可能这些客人都没有来了。”


NEWS REPORTER: To help F&B businesses tide through these difficult times, YQueue is offering to waive off their service fee to their merchant for two months to reduce contact between employees and customers. Customers can also scan the QR code to use the app to order and make a cashless payment.

ZACHELA: Currently, we have more than 100 merchants using YQueue. Due to the current coronavirus situation, over the past two months, there has been an estimated increase of 20% to 25% merchants. We realised that many people prefer not to stay outside for too long, so we provided a feature that can allow users to order or book directly on the app while they are in their office or at home.

NEWS REPORTER: The Bettership was affected by the epidemic, and their business dropped by about 10% to 20%. It started using the technology last month but found that customers were worried about the bacteria on the machine and preferred to use the app to order. However, the device has helped to solve the issue of shortage of manpower for the restaurant.

SHAUN: With employees that left, thankfully the technology has helped to overcome this manpower shortage. The fact that they do not have to handle payment, the employees can concentrate on other main tasks that they have on hand. For those customers who are afraid of having close contact, these technologies have been of help to them. Without these technologies, some of the customers may avoid patronising our restaurant.

NEWS REPORTER: For F&B businesses that would like to take the opportunity to incorporate digitalisation, will have to invest capital, train their employees and adjust work processes. Some believe that once the industry takes this step, it will be difficult to revert to the traditional method. But companies can provide training to employees to redesign job scopes and retain talents.

Source: https://www.8world.com/news/singapore/specialreport/clickit/article/ci-yqueue-1058951