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Digital Kiosk Singapore

Welcome to the future of self-service technology! Our standalone YQueue-powered digital kiosk system is specifically designed to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, this innovative kiosk displays menus and enables customers to place orders independently. By streamlining the ordering process, your staff can focus on delivering exceptional service while maximising productivity. Embrace the power of our self-service digital kiosk in Singapore and unlock new levels of operational excellence for your business.

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Features of Our Digital Kiosk Singapore

  • Discounts and promotions to drive sales
  • Versatile dine-in and take-away services
  • Item customisation for personalised orders
  • Easy navigation through multiple languages
  • Special instructions or notes for precise orders
  • Dietary restrictions and allergen tags for safety
  • Customisation to match your branding and message
  • PAX/PPL (persons per order) options for group dining
  • Bundles, items and modifiers with captivating imagery
  • Setting of available schedules for operational efficiency
  • Support for multiple payment gateways for convenience
  • Support for buzzers, tents and table numbers for order identification
Coming soon
  • Upselling to enhance sales
  • Calorie information support to promote healthy choices and cater to customers' dietary needs
  • Guest/YQ user login to provide access for both new guests and returning YQ users
  • Bundle & meal creation that allows customers to mix and match menu items and create their ideal combination

Benefits of Using Our Digital Kiosk Singapore

Elevate Customer Experience with Compelling Visual Presentations

From vibrant food photography to enticing dish descriptions, our digital kiosk leaves a lasting impression and entices customers to explore your menu further. Our user-friendly interface captivates their senses with stunning imagery of your delectable meals, prominently displayed on a large, high-resolution screen.

Drive Operational Efficiency and Boost Productivity

Experience a seamless blend of speed and efficiency as our advanced self-service digital kiosk Singapore effortlessly handles a higher volume of customers. With streamlined ordering processes and intuitive prompts, customers can place their orders quickly and accurately, which allows your team to focus on providing superb service.

Facilitate Contactless Payments for Enhanced Convenience

Embrace the future of payment technology with our integrated EFTPOS terminal. This enables customers to complete transactions securely at the self-service digital kiosk. Contactless payment options provide a convenient experience, reduce physical contact and minimise transaction time.

Significantly Reduce Customer Waiting Time

Leave long queues and frustrated customers in the past as our intuitive display lets customers place their orders efficiently. The streamlined and user-friendly interface guarantees a hassle-free ordering experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Wireless Connectivity for Real-Time Menu Updates

Our self-service digital kiosk Singapore remains connected to your internet network via Wifi or LAN. It offers the convenience of real-time menu updates delivered through the cloud and ensures that your offerings are always up to date and accurately reflected on the kiosk.

Boost Average Order Value with Add-Ons

Entice your customers to indulge in more than just the main course by presenting them with enticing add-ons and enhancements through our intuitive self-service digital kiosk. This boosts your profitability and enhances customer satisfaction.

Enhance Order Accuracy and Precision

Bid farewell to misunderstandings and ordering errors caused by miscommunication or language barriers. Our advanced self-service digital kiosk ensures precise order placement through its intuitive interface, minimising the risk of errors.

Increase Ordering Capacity and Maximise Business Efficiency

Unleash the true potential of your business as our digital kiosk in Singapore empowers you to serve a higher volume of customers within the same time frame. By streamlining the ordering process and eliminating the need for manual order taking, you optimise your staff's productivity, which can result in business growth.

Our Digital Kiosks in Singapore

At Yqueue Singapore, we offer the following self-ordering digital kiosk machines:
  • Standing Self-Service Kiosk (23 inches)
  • Standing / Wall Kiosk (23 inches)
  • Standing Kiosk (10 and 21 inches)
  • Counter Kiosk (7 and 10 inches)
For more details about these kiosks, click here.